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We are shaping a brighter future

Elephant Parade® organizes the world's largest exhibition of artistically crafted elephant sculptures. Each elephant is a unique work of art designed by artists or celebritiesfor free. The painted elephant babies, in original size, are exhibited in major cities around the world. Their sight conjures a smile on millions of faces and creates awareness that elephants must be protected.

Happy Wipey - cleans gently, effectively and sustainably

Help us to save the Asian elephant from extinction.
Elephant Parade® is donating 20% ​​of its net profits to organizations and conservation projects committed to protecting the Asian elephant from extinction.
Every purchase of a Happy Wipey Elephant Parade licensed product helps to ensure the future of elephants.

HAPPY WIPEY is more than just a great accessory for cleaning, storing and protecting eyewear and digital gadgets. In addition to being practical, they are also exceptionally beautiful and embody a way of life.

We all try to educate our children, to protect and preserve nature. We can not live without nature and need to support each other to live happily united.

Happy Wipey's idea of a perfect product was, that it has to be meaningful and sustainable.

The secret of Happy Wipey is the premium microfiber with its unusually high density of finest threads (48 filaments per yarn). They gently remove dust and bacteria, fingerprints and grease very thoroughly and without any additional cleaning agents. Fast and gentle, lint-free and without scratching. In contrast to conventional disposable cloths, this material can be washed in the machine, which offers a durability over many years.

The dimensions are 25 x 25 cm and it contains 70% polyester and 30% polyamide. This includes a microfiber bag (10 x 18 cm) imprinted with the same motiv, which is also suitable for gentle storage of glasses or smartphones. The bag is also machine washable.

You can purchase the Happy Whipey cleaning cloth from us at our office in Caniço de Baixo or by ordering. You can choose from the two above mentioned motifs. And by doing so you contribute to the preservation of our environment.

€ 16,00