We are shaping a brighter future

Elephant Parade® organizes the world's largest exhibition of artistically crafted elephant sculptures. Each elephant is a unique work of art designed by artists or celebrities. The painted elephant babies, in original size, are exhibited in major cities around the world. Their sight conjures a smile on millions of faces and creates awareness that elephants must be protected.

Happy Wipey

HAPPY WIPEY is more than just an accessory for cleaning, storing and protecting glasses and digital gadgets. It is a way of life. We all try to live a happy life and educate our children in this spirit. Even before the launch of Happy Wipey, it was clear that our products must be meaningful and sustainable.

We help to save the Asian elephant from extinction.
People can not live without nature. We have to support each other to live happily together.
Elephant Parade® is donating 20% ​​of its net profits to organizations and conservation projects committed to protecting the Asian elephant from extinction.
Every purchase of a Happy Wipey Elephant Parade licensed product helps to ensure the future of elephants.