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As a diving area Madeira has a lot to offer. The underwater landscape is diverse and rocky, the visibility often over 30 m - the water temperature is due to the Gulf Stream conditionally year-round between 18 and 22 degrees C.

The dive center, which is located in the Ponta de Oliveira nature reserve, is suitable not only for experienced divers but also for snorkelers and beginners. The beginner scuba diver can use his new knowledge in the in-house reef after first trying out in the swimming pool.

Along the south coast, the sea has washed many rocks. In the small caves created here you can admire a colorful underwater world. Further off the coast, tuna, giant groupers, barracudas, hammerhead sharks, blue and red parrotfish, rays, moray eels, eels like de conger, pike, cod, parrotfish, mackerel, triggerfish and many more. Sometimes mantas with up to two meters span dive between us or over us.

Price: on demand