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de Sousa Lopes

I was born in Portugal but I grew up in the south of Germany. Because of that I speak fluently Portuguese and German. Enchanted by the natural beauty of Madeira, I decided to make it my home in 2000.



I live in Germany, but for some years Madeira has become my second home. So I spend the summer in Germany and the winter time on Madeira. I love hiking on Madeira, exploring the island by e-bike, swimming in the Atlantic and, of course, the varied Madeiran cuisine with lots of fish and meat.


Maria de Freitas
I was born in France, but shortly thereafter my parents returned with me to their home country of Madeira, where I grew up. I have been working in tourism for several years, but initially only from the office before discovering my passion for hiking.



I was born and raised on Madeira. In my free time I love to go for a walk in nature. For me, Madeira is the best place to do that.


I was born and raised on Madeira. Like many other Madeirans I went to Venezuela for 15 years. There I worked as a driver. The longing for home was stronger and so I came back, where my family lives.



For many years I worked as a truck driver and know Madeira very well. Now I work for AlbanoAktiv as a bike mechanic and driver. It is fun to pick up the guests at the airport or to bring them to the hikes. Because we mainly have German-speaking guests, I study 3 evenings a week in a German school.


I was born in the Bavarian Swabia and live there until today. 2 years ago I met Madeira and loved it since the first the day. Madeira fascinated me immediately, because I was able to pursue all my hobbies there all year round, such as golfing, tennis, hiking and of course biking.



I've been cycling since I was a kid, I love nature and trails of all kinds make my heart beat faster! Biking is my passion and I want to share my enthusiasm with my guests. Experience our island on two wheels for a perfect holiday!


Cunha Guia

Since my childhood I ride bicycles and enjoy hang gliding, paragliding, canyoning and camping. Besides, I'm an airplane pilot and know Madeira like no other.



I live in Germany and like to spend my holidays on Madeira to hike. After the island has enchanted me with its variety of flowers and the wonderful landscape, I am pleased to be able to also inspire our guests of this.

Richtsfeld Josef und Anita
Madeira 4-Tagestouren individuell
Hallo liebes AlbanoAktivTeam,
vielen Dank für die hervorragende Betreuung. Man konnte sich 100%ig auf die Beschreibungen der Touren verlassen, ein Verlaufen war unmöglich.
Der Bring- und Abholdienst war immer pünktlich und die Fahrer sehr nett und die Fahrweise sehr ruhig. Wir haben uns immer sehr gut aufgehoben gefühlt.
Wir würden jederzeit wieder AlbanoAktiv wählen.
Viele Grüße
Friday, 04 October 2019
Wunderschöne Insel, abwechslungsreiche Natur und t
Eine wunderschöne Zeit in der abwechslungsreichen Natur von Madeira ist leider schon wieder zu Ende. Das Team von AlbanoAktiv hat ganze Arbeit geleistet! Es begann mit der Vermittlung unseres Hotels direkt an der Küste mit Meerblick. Neben dem prima Hotelservice war unser persönliches Highlight das Meerbad mitten in kleinen Schwärmen von verschiedensten bunten Fischen!

Madeira hat allerdin...
Monday, 02 September 2019

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