Did you know?


This small, romantic village, located about 6 km from the city center in the hills of Funchal, was once the in-resort for Europe's 'high society'. One of its most famous attractions was a cogwheel railway that once connected Monte with Funchal. Remains of this railway, especially the old railway station at the foot of the mountain, can still be seen today. 

Karl I, the last Austrian emperor, found exile on the island of Madeira after he was deposed during the First World War. He and his family found their new home in Quinta do Monte, but only six months later, the ex-emperor died of pneumonia. His grave can be found in the famous pilgrimage church 'Nossa Senhora do Monte', which can be reached by an impressive staircase with 68 steps.

One of the most traditional festivals, and certainly the largest church festival in Madeira, is the folk festival on the day of the 'Assumption of Mary', which always begins on the eve of the 15th of August. An incredible number of locals attend a procession in honor of the Virgin Mary every year.